Start earning FuelBounty


What is FuelBounty?

FuelBounty is our rewards program that rewards you for contributing to our network.

By contributing on our website you help us ensure all our users have the most up to date information regarding nearby fuel prices.

Earning FuelBounty will give you the opportunity to be on our leaderboard and stand a chance to win fuel vouchers amoung other prizes. It's simple, the more contributions you make, the more FuelBounty you will recieve.

So how do I earn FuelBounty?

FuelBounty can be earned in 3 ways:

1) By adding a new fuel station to our network.

2) By updating an existing fuel station to keep our network up to date.

3) By referring a new user to sign up to our website.

NB: each method awards 1 FuelBounty at a time.

Why do I need to earn FuelBounty?

Earning FuelBounty helps you gain a reputation on our website. Whenever you submit a change to a fuel station on our network your change will need to be verified for its accuracy by another one of our users before it can go live on our website. Once it is verified by another user you will earn your FuelBounty for the update you made.

Once you accummulate at least 50 FuelBounty, you will then no longer need to be verified for the updates you make before they go live. This will also ensure you earn your FuelBounty straight away.